Monday, January 19, 2009

Whatever is true...

I've been meditating on Philippians 4:8 quite a bit, and studying specific words within the verse for additional insight and inspiration. In considering the meaning of "...whatever is true..." I've run across some interesting (and convicting!) definitions and synonyms.
For example, definitions include: genuine, real, accurate, exact, exactly in tune, measured relative to true north (hmmmm), correctly positioned, balanced or aligned, level, upright, loyal, faithful, accurately conforming to a standard or expectation, faithful, honest. I want my mind to be correctly positioned, balanced and aligned. I'd like my thought life to be in tune, measured relative to my True North.

Among the synonyms: verifiable, unelaborated, unvarnished. Whoa. I started thinking about how often my mind churns over situations, conversations or relationships that bear no resemblance to the truth by the time I finish stewing over them. Anybody but me?
Other synonyms: genuine, authentic, real, sincere, unfeigned, from the heart, honest, constant, devoted, staunch, unswerving, unwavering, trustworthy.
Think about such things...

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