Saturday, November 15, 2014

Il a été grand, Paris!

It's our last night in Paris and you can just put a fourche in us because we are fini! We are cozy and warm in the apartment, looking out on the lights of this neighborhood that has begun to feel like home and admiring the Eiffel Tower one last evening. 

The packing is about to begin and we'll be navigating the metro and train stations to make our flight out of Charles DeGaulle tomorrow! It's going to be a weird day -- we leave Paris at 1:55 p.m. Sunday and somehow land in Monroe at around 8:30 p.m….on Sunday. Long day. But we're ready to be home and see our people!

Today, we squeezed into the world's smallest elevator…

 and squeezed in a few more Paris highlights, starting off with chocolate chaud at Angelina's! 
(Elisabeth, you never steered us wrong. Not one time!)

And, because we trust you, we ordered the Mont Blanc as well. (Have I mentioned that I've basically been off sugar for the five months leading up to this trip? I've made up for it in the past week!)
A nice bonus to cafe' stops are nice bathrooms!

Another thing on our list -- a little shopping (not my thing, believe it or not) and strolling and people-watching on the Champs Elysee -- (much more my thing!) We walked the length of this amazing boulevard, which is being transformed into a Christmas carnival of sorts with booths selling everything under the sun. 

Another item on our list - crepes from a street vendor!
 (Yes, Kevin, we did it!)

Paris is a city of two million people -- and most of them seemed to be on the Champs Elysee today!

Taking a break to watch the world pass by…

Jesse, channeling Mitch Hedberg: "Wearing a backpack is like there's a midget on your back all day, trying to bring you down…"

(He was a really good sport about it, though!)

Hydration is key...

And we triomphed!!!

The Metro system is so cool here, for a lot of reasons, including random things like this:

Merci pour les souvenirs, Paris!

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Christin Mohon said...

That elevator pic of the perfect example of lovesick!!! ;) love you guys and your pure love for each other!!!