Saturday, November 15, 2014

A bonus post…a word about my boots...

Just had to pop back on for an unsolicited endorsement of my footwear. These boots have been all over France and they have been the most comfortable shoes ever! I'm usually pretty cheap when it comes to shoes, but I'm about to the age where it's important to wear well-made shoes -- and these were worth the price! 

They've tromped through airports, cobblestone streets, metro stations, ancient cathedrals, fields, crunchy leaves, climbed down to Omaha beach and up and down thousands of stairs…(we averaged around six miles a day while here!)

(taking a well-deserved rest on a fluffy rug back at the apartment)

(The Gilly boot by Born. I highly recommend. Nobody asked me to say anything nice about them. I'm just thrilled that my feet have been happy all week).

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