Monday, November 10, 2014

A few quick things...

I keep forgetting to mention something important: 

French people are really nice. 

I mean, without exception, they have been warm, friendly -- kind. 
Waiters, shopkeepers, folks in the street and on the metro. Being somewhere and not knowing the language creates complications, but the folks here have helped so much.

Another thing -- I got a Fitbit a few weeks ago (kind of a glorified pedometer) and it's been fun to keep up with "our steps" the last couple of days. The Fitbit "goal" is 10,000 steps a day (roughly five miles) and 30 "active" minutes.  Even on our big travel day (with all the plane-sitting) we logged 10,873 steps and 43 active minutes. Yesterday's sightseeing hikes totaled up 17,540 steps (7.55 miles!!) and 62 active minutes!

Another thing -- we're on the sixth floor (top floor!) of our little apartment building, which features the previously mentioned world's tiniest elevator. It's actually the seventh floor, because the ground floor is called "0" and the second floor is 1, etc. I mention this, because the elevator has decided to just park on the fifth floor. Which means we've tromped up and down seven flights of stairs several times. Which probably accounts for those "active minutes" on the ol' Fitbit. 

Another random thing -- every menu we've studied featured ouef et mayonnaise (translated as eggs and mayonnaise) as an appetizer (although here, the appetizers are called "entree" which makes sense). Anyway, curiosity won out last night and we ordered the ouef appetizer…(J.H. Martin would have been proud!)
Basically, it's beautifully boiled eggs on homemade French mayonnaise which has a light Dijon flavor, with lettuce and tomato. It was delicious!

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