Tuesday, February 5, 2013

hello. also, i love you.

This is a "just for fun" post. I decided to pull together a few things from around the house to make a kind of "Valentine-ish" mantel, then decided to share it! Nothing fancy, just something to make me happy (and anyone else who wanders in our home!)
Here it is...

I used the lettered "LOVE" mugs from Anthropologie that we got for Michael and Maranda's wedding. (I poked some roses in the O mug that were leftover from the Chamber banquet last week.) The mugs were probably $6 each? They are propped on vintage books, also collected for M&M's wedding, mostly thrifted from the wonderful "Blessings All Around" shop in Gilbert (Shelli Tabor is such a delightful person -- if you live in the area, you should go there!)

I had some red ribbon, which I used some school glue to attach to some votives I already had, and tied another snippet of ribbon around some pillar candles from my candle stash. I also pulled a print from the wall in Jess' bedroom upstairs (not expecting overnight guests in the next few days, so I thought I'd bring it downstairs to enjoy!) 

It's from an Etsy shop -- theinksociety. I'm such a fan of "word" art. I probably overuse it in my home, but I love it! So, there you have it -- simple, sweet and it makes me happy!

And, here's another glimpse from my favorite perch in the living room.

Happy  Valentine's Day!

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Emily Denise said...

I love those decorations. And this blog!