Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time to step up!

I'm beside myself with excitement about "Stepping Up - a journey through the Psalms of Ascent." A group of women will begin the Beth Moore study tonight where we'll be challenged to go up - move to the next step in our relationship with God. We're different ages, different stages of life, all setting out on a journey carrying different luggage. We're pilgrims, clinging to this promise of God:
"I'll shower blessings on the pilgrims who come here,
and give supper to those who arrive hungry." -- Psalm 132:15
Are you hungry?
I am!
See you tonight!


Leslie Young said...

Yay! You found the comment page...now join the conversation! What is the Lord saying to you this week? Share...or just say 'hi.' Have a GREAT week! I love you!

Cheryl Barker said...

Leslie, thanks for visiting my blog! Our Bible study group did Stepping Up last year. I loved it & bet you will, too. God bless you and your group as you Step Up!

Susan Williams said...

I just did day 1 & all I can say is it sure made me want to sing praises to God!

Christin said...

i LOVE your new picture!

JayCee said...

We did "Stepping Up" last year and it is AMAZING. You will learn truths that will stay with you and your group forever. What a blessing. Praise God. This blog is a great way to keep up with the women in your bible study group. We recently started doing the same thing. It's exciting.
Have a blessed day,
Janet Cline, from St. Louis, MO

Susan Williams said...

okay... I'm fairly computer savy... but I just deleted my previous response.... I was trying to post a picture of something I took from the plane.

On day 3 of week 1.... Beth asks us what connection do we see between taking an uncertain journey and wanting a reminder that your Lord is the uncontested Maker of heaven and earth?

I just returned from Arizona. We flew in a small plane from Louisiana. After seeing the beautiful western country side... the grand canyon.... just the beauty in the mountains... it is so hard for me to understand how there are still unbelievers out there.

God's handiwork is the only way you can describe that kind of beauty!

Leslie Young said...

Good insight, Susan!