Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And for the 'big girls...'

...the women are invited to join us in a new in-depth Bible study on Tuesdays, beginning Sept. 23.
"Stepping Up" by Beth Moore is a look at the Psalms of Ascent. It's a six-week study of Psalms 120-134 (with homework!!!) that will challenge and inspire serious students of the Scripture and those brand-new to Bible study. Here's what Eugene Peterson says about the psalms:
"There is no literature in all the world that is more true to life and more honest than Psalms, for here we have warts-and-all religion. Every skeptical thought, every disappointing venture, every pain, every despair that we can face is lived through and integrated into a personal, saving relationship with God -- a relationship that also has in it acts of praise, blessing, peace, security, trust and love. Good poetry survives not when it is pretty or beautiful or nice but when it is true: accurate and honest. The psalms are great poetry and have lasted not because they appeal to our fantasies and our wishes, but because they are confirmed in the intensities of honest and hazardous living."
I want to press to a higher place with God. I want to step up. Come along...


Hannah B said...

congrats on the new blog!
you will make a most wonderful blogger!
can't wait to read them & see your

Lisa Lowe said...

I am very excited about this new study!

Lisa Lowe said...

It took me forever but I posted a comment! Yea....... :)

bec said...

I am doing that bible study right now!! wow, that's awesome!
I am almost finished with it.. you are going to LOVEEEE it!