Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love Does

Well, I'm not exactly blazing through my book stack so far this year, but I did finish book three in my "Empty Shelf Challenge" -- Love Does by Bob Goff.

This book is…delightful. And whimsical. In fact, whimsy is kind of the aim of the book, a defining characteristic of Bob Goff personally and my new favorite word. 

Bob is an accomplished human being - a successful lawyer, college professor, global activist on behalf of children, a family man. He's also a gigantic goofball who just happens to take the Bible as something more than a book to be "studied." It's a guide to doing. (He even rebelled against his weekly men's "Bible Study" and reinvented the group into a "Bible Doing.") 

His stories are funny, inspiring and wonderful. A lot of what I read tends to be oriented to women, but this is a book for everyone. Yes, amazing things seem to happen to Bob (and he has a gift for telling the stories of his life), but he challenges us to find the amazing all around us -- to take every opportunity to do love -- go big -- take chances. I'd really love to hang out with him sometime -- and I just might. He includes his cell number at the end of the book and encourages readers to give him a call. Can you even? 

So, if you need some inspiration -- and a healthy dose of whimsy -- get this book!

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