Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Because sometimes, you just need some cinnamon toast in your life...

We interrupt this attempt at a low-carb lifestyle to bring you...

Cinnamon Toast!!!

I worked around the house for a couple of hours without eating anything for breakfast this morning, and when the hunger pangs hit, I just had a powerful craving for cinnamon toast! And not just any cinnamon toast -- my Dad's cinnamon toast. And while this was pretty good, nothing quite measures up to the cinnamon toast prepared by J.H. Martin. Here's my attempt, however:

The cast of characters -- pretty straightforward. Cinnamon, sugar, butter (real butter, please) and bread.
First step: Toast the bread. 

You want it to have a little umph to stand up to the onslaught of butter that awaits.

Then -- slather on the butter. (I'm pretty sure this is where my toast-making falls down. My mom says dad uses about 1/2 a stick per slice. I think she's exaggerating...)

The combination of warm, toasted bread and softened butter results in some immediate "pooling" of the butter in places. This is the effect you're going for.

Next - sugar. (Hey, don't judge me. It's only 16 calories per teaspoon and a teaspoon per slice usually does the trick!)

Now, cinnamon. (Looking back at this, I could've had a heavier hand with the cinnamon. It looks like a lot, but it blends in quickly. And cinnamon is good for you!)

Now, this is key. Run the toast under the broiler -- just for a few seconds, long enough for the butter to bubble...

and....voila! Cinnamon Toast! 
(See that shiny, pooling effect? Yes!)

And there you have it. But it still wasn't quite as good as Dad's. What do you think, J.H.? Not enough butter? Your tips are welcome here!

(We now return to our regularly scheduled attempt 
to reduce bread, pasta, sugar...boo.)


Update: The MAN himself -- my Dad, 
Julian Hamilton (J.H.) Martin -- 
read this post and offered the following suggestions: 

The contents are ok, maybe a little more butter and sugar and lots more cinnamon. Should cover the slice. 
Keep trying. 

(Well, if my Dad thinks I need to keep trying, who am I to argue?)

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