Friday, March 15, 2013

Great will be their peace...

I chose a memory verse this time that just called out to my mother-heart. Even though my children are grown, college graduates, married and pretty independent, I'm still so...attached

I'm not complaining...I think that's good, but it's a new and interesting thing to try to navigate the waters of mothering when they're adults. Jesse and I say all the time that our kids are our favorite people, and it's true. I'm beyond thankful that we not only love our adult kids -- we genuinely like them. And respect them. And even admire them. And (glory be!) they both chose spouses we absolutely LOVE. 

And here they are -- making their way in the world, which involves decisions and change and growth...sometimes disappointment or fear, hope and joy. I can't jump in and fix everything, smooth every path (could I ever?) and the verse I chose is a reminder that it's not about me anyway.

"All your children will be taught by the Lord, 
and great will be their peace."
Isaiah 54:13 NIV

The Lord is their teacher -- their greatest and best teacher. Seeing my children follow the Lord is one of the most profound joys of my life. Knowing they are being taught by His Word and His Spirit gives this mama joy and peace. 

And the thought of my children enjoying not only peace, but great peace? The kind of peace that sustains, despite circumstances? Lord, make it so!

(Side note: Commentaries and the Amplified version of the verse suggest that it is referring also to "spiritual" children -- which I'm blessed to have. Yes, I'm referring to YOU, sweet Sunday School girls present and past, Cross Campers and others I've loved! This prayer extends and covers you also!)

(Another side note: I may possibly be motivated to choose a memory verse with my children as the subject because I'm in the midst of an extreme bit of nostalgia as we convert old home movies into a digital format. I mean, wasn't this just yesterday?


May we all be taught by the Lord. And know great peace.


Brad Shaffer said...

Enjoyed this Leslie.

I'm Jess said...

Shucks ;)