Friday, October 24, 2008

Of tears and sneezes...

Mother alert: This mom cried all the way through the last couple of days of Bible study homework. Maybe it's just the season I'm in -- a newly-empty nest -- but picturing God's love in motherly terms really got to me! For the past 20 years, my identity has been more wrapped up in motherhood than any other identifier -- wife, daughter, editor...Christ follower? So in recent months I've been trying to allow Christ to help reshape my view of life and my role in it. But I couldn't suppress a nostalgic twinge when reading scriptures that compare God's love for us to that of a mother who gives birth, a nursing mother, a mother who comforts. Nursing my children was one of the great joys of my life - the feeling of overwhelming love and an elemental, nourishing physical connection. When the baby is hungry, everything else stops for a quiet moment of perfect stillness and loving care. God loves us like that! Here's the other thing: Mom's the only one who can fill that role. Likewise, God is the only one who can provide the nourishment we need to thrive and grow. What a beautiful thing! Has this week's study prompted any nostalgia in any of you? What are you learning from God's Word this week?

(Oh, and the 'sneezes' part of the title has to do with my STILL runny nose, which made the crying even messier! Dang allergies!)

Have a great weekend!

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